Grace Street Fellowship

Advent Starts Sunday

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By Jim Burgin, pastor

Slow down. You’re Moving too fast!

“I hate to wait.” Some things seem like they will never get here. Christmas is that way for most children, I suspect, and perhaps for a few of the adults too. Normally, I am not one to put Christmas Lights up early, and I’ve always been “slightly resistant” to Christmas carols in the Fall.  But this year seems different, doesn’t it? In some ways I feel like a kid again, yearning for Christmas.

On the other hand, life seems to move at lightening speed, a constant blur of images passing me by. I long to do the things which matter most, but the urgent presses without pause, so long walks, good books, fellowship with friends, and time at home, are often squeezed.  I know I am not alone.

Advent’s Arrest

There is something about Advent which gets our attention, awakens us to what is most important, and at the same time, meets our deepest need. Advent is an ancient invitation to trust. All isn’t as it seems, and victory is certain.  His Kingdom will come, but often not in the way we expect: a baby, not a King. For this reason, Advent urges us not just to watch, but to prepare.  We must be ready to respond, or else we too will become “innkeepers” who missed what mattered most, even when it was at his doorstep.

Advent at Grace

Starting this Sunday, November 30th, Grace Street will “light a candle,” signaling to all our intention to pay attention to Light as it shines from the shadows. Each Sunday through Christmas Eve, we will light a new candle, and remember different parts of the Christmas Story together. On Christmas Eve, we will each light our own candles, signaling the world that the Light has come, and now lives in us. By God’s Grace, we will let God use us to Light our World.

Slow down!  Look!  In the Light, everything is different.  Look ahead too.  Jesus is coming soon!