Grace Street Fellowship


At Grace Street, we know the importance of preparing our youth for another successful school year. This is why every year our youth ministry and their leaders get together to prepare each other emotionally and spiritually before school starts. With Summer fast ending our annual back to school rally will take place on  August 16 from 7-9 p.m.  The rally will consist of a devotional followed by some pizza!
This event will also be a great time for our young adults to reflect on the summer and remember how with God’s guidance the students were able to participate in events like Mission trips, Fun Fridays and summer camps.

Here at Grace Street we understand that High school can be both exciting and overwhelming this is why we are asking parents and youth leaders to pray for our children so that they can overcome any obstacle they may encounter and that they continue to serve our Lord with gratitude throughout the year.

We are grateful for every Parent, Leader  and Young adult!