Grace Street Fellowship

Sweet Night of Appreciation

More than 100 ladies enjoyed a night of dinner & entertainment in the Grace Street Restaurant, changed into a spectacular setting from the old gym.  Candle-lit tables, covered in a Valentine’s red, sat underneath a ceiling transformed by spectacular lighting.  The men of Grace Street had worked all week and late the night before transforming the gym into the restful, welcoming setting it was last night.

Soft music played as the ladies entered on the arm of a Grace Street man escorting them to their table. Salads were on the table already, and a tasty Italian, home-cooked meal prepared by two excellent chefs, Steve Demita & Stephen Smith, was the entree for the evening. A team of men served drinks, while the rest of the men served this spectacular hot meal to the waiting ladies.

The ever dapper Anthony Hays kicked off the evening with a beautiful rendition of the Temptations 1965 Motown hit “My Girl,” followed by Sam Cooke’s 1962 hit “Twisting the Night Away.”   Stephen, Steve, Darrel, Claudy, Tommy & Clark formed the Grace Street band which took the stage next, regaling the ladies with various songs, such as “I saw you standing there,” “Old Time Rock & Roll,” “Amazing Grace,” and more. The energy of this team lit up the night, and several ladies took to the dance floor.  There was a lot of laughter and fun happening in every corner of the remodeled restaurant.

Before desert, a team of Grace Street athletes representing Ireland, USA (Jason Simon), Ireland (Caleb Williams), and Canada (Steven Burgin) entered the room to the sounds of the opening music from the Winter Olympics. A woman from the floor joined these teams, and then they competed against each other in the “Great Olympics Bake off.” The mixed teams had to mix a concoction from ingredients provided for them using only one hand each. Three women judges from the floor awarded  1st place to the team from USA. France came in second, and the Canadian team placed third. Though a big controversy didn’t arise, a couple of the teams were accused of cheating by the judges.

After another round of music from the Grace Street band, a group of men suddenly rushed through the restaurant as the classic hit “September” from Earth, Wind, and Fire began to play.  These Grace Men were ably led in a well-choreographed dance routine by Steven Burgin, and the entire number looked a little bit like this.

Rodney Lloyd, Grace Street men’s team leader read 1 Corinthians 13 to close the night.  Thanks to all Grace Street Men who worked so hard to make this a special evening, and for the Ladies’ of Grace Street who sure made it all worth while.

If you are looking for a church that loves the Lord and who loves each other, and who knows how to have fun, you don’t need to look any further.  Come join us.  We look forward to this experience again next year, and especially to worshiping with each of you on the Lord’s day.  We thank God who first loved us and taught each of us how to love each other.  Thanks to everyone for a wonderful evening.